IVINE is a brand of bio-sourced nail polish and nail stickers, made in an eco-responsible manner in France, for every gender.

By using our products, you can simply customize your nails yourself at home. The experience is simple and creative, but also personal and intimate. Hands and feet represent the most complex and beautiful parts of the natural engineering of the human body.

Now more than ever, fingernails are a new way for people to show off their personalities. IVINE is not only a cosmetic brand, but also an artistic brand because we collaborate with painters, designers, writers to design our stickers. IVINE is the new face of hands.

“Nail stickers can be worn as an accessory, a piece of jewelry, or even a tattoo. Each fashion look adapts to each nail-art. I really like the idea that the manicure blends in with the clothes you wear.” Dolorès Doll, founder